It doesn't matter where you are coming from, the trip to Camarmeña will be worth it. If you have a GPS device you can enter the town's name or its geographical coordinates in decimal format (43.259206, -4.836894).

If you don't use a GPS device we hope that our indications will be helpful to you

We're expecting you!

The A-8 or Cantabrian Highway is the point where all routes come together. Firstly we'll explain how to reach this point, then how to reach Camarmeña from this highway.

If you're coming from Madrid or you have to pass through the capital:

Go up the A1 until Burgos. Arriving at Burgos you take the 3rd exit (Valladolid/A-231/León). After a few kilometers you'll have to divert again, this time direction Leon, to take the A-231 or Camino de Santiago Highway toward Palencia. When you reach Palencia, follow the sign indicating Santander (106 and 106A). Once headed for Cantabria, continue along up to Torrelavega, leave the city on your left and you will end up on the A-8 direction Oviedo. From there we will explain the route to Camarmeña.




If you're coming from Cantabria or North-East Spain:

  1. Take the A-8 direction Oviedo.
  2. Just before entering Asturias, there are two options: continue to Oviedo or divert to Unquera. Divert to Unquera (exit 272). This sign also indicates the Picos de Europa national park. You'll get onto a roundabout.
  3. At the roundabout, take the third exit direction Unquera and Picos. You'll go under the highway onto another roundabout.
  4. At this roundabout you follow the same direction, Unquera and Picos. You'll reach Unquera, famous for its corbatas de hojaldre. You are now on the N-621.
  5. You have to cross Unquera. You'll reach a crossing with a bridge on the right, take the road to the left. You'll see a sign that reads Panes/Potes/Riaño. Leave Unquera.
  6. Continue along the N-621 for some 10 kilometers until you reach the Panes industrial park. Passing a gas station you'll get to a crossing.
  7. Take the road to the right (AS-114) to Arenas de Cabrales and follow it for 20 kilometers until you reach the town.
  8. Cross Arenas de Cabrales, at the end of the town you have to take a left turn toward Poncebos. You can't miss it.
  9. Ride for 6 kilometers toward Poncebos until passing through Poncebos tunnel, then continue straight 50 meters.
  10. You'll see Camarmeña indicated at a crossing, to the right. Take a deep breath, and go up the famous 9 bends. Welcome!



If you're coming from the South-West of Spain or Portugal

1.Arriving to Asturias:

For those coming from the South-West it's easy: simply follow the A-66 highway (Ruta de la Plata) until reaching Oviedo.

A personal recommendation:

if you're coming to Asturias for the first time, we recommend taking the toll highway AP-66 (you don't have to leave the A-66) which connects the provinces León and Asturias. .

2.- 2. Arriving to Oviedo, leave the city on your left and take direction Santander, always direction Santander. Continue along the A-66 highway until exit 26 (Langreo/Santander).

To get on the A-64 that takes you to the A-8 or Cantabrian Highway.

Now you're on the A-8.


If you're coming from Gijón or Galicia

. To get to Camarmeña from Gijón or Galicia simply take the A-8 or Cantabrian Highway, direction Santander.

Now you're on the A-8.





If you're coming from Oviedo

1.- To get to Camarmeña from the Asturian capital you have to take the AS-64 direction Santander until you get onto the A-8 or Cantabrian Highway, in Villaviciosa. Now you're on the A-8


You're on the A-8? Let's go to Camarmeña!

  1. You'll pass the exits to towns like Villaviciosa, Colunga, Caravia, Ribadesella and Nueva. After this last one, pay attention, you have to take exit 310 to Posada/Barro/Niembro.
  2. You leave the highway taking this exit 310 to the right (watch out for the bend). You'll reach a roundabout.
  3. At this roundabout, very close to the exit, you have to take the second exit direction Posada. Continue along until reaching the town. The first houses you'll see aren't part of Posada but of Bricia.
  4. Upon reaching Posada, take the road AS-263 which crosses the town. Then take a left where the sign indicates Llanes/Santander.
  5. After a few meters, take the exit to the right. You'll see a vertical sign indicating Cangas/Covadonga and Funicular de Bulnes. You're almost there!
  6. Don't leave the road, go straight leaving Posada following the AS-115 road. Continue along until you reach a roundabout after 14 kilometers.
  7. At the roundabout take the second exit toward Arenas de Cabrales. Cross the town Carreña and continue until Arenas de Cabrales.
  8. Once in Arenas de Cabrales, you'll reach a crossing with a nice restaurant, Restaurante Cabrales (a stone building).
  9. Take a right turn direction Poncebos and continue along the AS-264 until you reach the crossing indicating Camarmeña, just after having passed through Poncebos tunnel.
  10. Now, look up, take a deep breath, only 9 bends separate you from Casa Maru. Welcome!