Casa Maru is the result of a shared dream. This project of rural lodging has primarily been made possible by my husband. It was him, although not being Asturian himself, who discovered the beautiful town of Camarmeña in my homeland. He is an unequable companion who has always been there for me. Thank you, Alberto. .

Like the poet said, the road is done walking. On our path we have been joined by great people and better professionals. My eternal gratitude goes out to them. .

These people are, to start with, Maru, who made the selling of the house easy. Because of her character, this dream will always be named after her: Casa Maru.

People like the owners of Casa Lobeto, Tomás and Teresa, who accepted me as a member of the group each time I came to supervise the works, on numerous occasions. Thank you for sharing your friendship and company

People like Vicente, wherever he may be, will be satisfied with how we are taking care of his paradise. .

People like the workers of Cotiveca construcciones who put in many days of hard, dedicated work. Things well done, will last. .

To everyone who in one way or another participated in our dream, thank you for your support and work.

To the council of Cabrales, great, enormous and affable in character. Here comes a lady from Avilés grateful to all these nice people to fall in love with this wonderful land.

Thank you very much